Wednesday, June 29, 2011

UCWS Finals & June Class

June 27, 2011

Oh the excitement of the weekend... practicing for midterms and helping one another... finding bikini outfit below 250 arc and formal below 750 arc... sharing our low prim clothing, hair, shoes, and jewelry finds... then midterms and shaking fingers as we performed for our trainers... we ALL passed... woooHooo !!

Time to party with dancing at the Ms Sophisticated Pageant !!  By the time the weekend ended, I needed to sleep for a weekend, LOL !!  But oh yes... let's not forget... one more nail-biting event:  FINAL with ANROL !!  Now the nerves really set in as we asked one another what we thought Anrol would want from us for our final.

Sleep, work and checking the UCWS blog to read again that our final would be scheduled today with Anrol.  Might be a good idea to log in....

Wow!  Good thing I did... I had an intense notecard to read and complete.  And only three hours before my Final !!  AND I was still working !!  I wondered if I would have enough time.  I rushed my work tasks so I could get a casual outfit, routine, and description together as well as completing the bio/survey Anrol requested.  10 minutes before my scheduled time, I realized I still had too much to do to be ready... so I reluctantly requested a new time from Anrol.

Oh thank heavens she said yes and we re-scheduled for an hour later than original.  And I got it all done... passed Anrol my completed notecard and ran for a potty break.  Minutes later, I landed at the University styling stage in my casual outfit under 450 arc... waiting anxiously for Anrol to appear:
But Anrol was delayed due to judging at the styling event for the evening.  So time for practicing... and practice I did... all of the routines:  bio, beach, dome #1 and #2, styling... and still struggled with remembering the correct walk.  My downfall... remembering the correct walk when I could remember everything else... sigh.

And then Anrol was there and it was time.  It was the final and she was strict.  No teasing, talking, asking questions.  I followed her directions carefully, thinking about what she was asking before I answered.  Using my quick change folders to add and remove clothing for each portion of the Final.  Taking my time to check through items needed before I began any of the routines.  

But alas!  I am pretty sure that after practicing earlier I forgot to switch off the mandatory walk for beach for styling... OR Not... lol, I was doing bio last in practice and I would have known to use my own walk for that.  So perhaps I was ok... I guess I will have to wait because she could not tell me if I had passed until after all June students had taken the Final.  

Oh I HOPE I passed !!  A dream come true if I did !!  Oh please God...  :))

Thank you Anrol for being so amazing and bringing your dream to life in SL so all of us could enjoy it too!  Thank you to Steve for building the dream and sharing it with her!  You too are amazing!  All the best to you both!

And thank you to my fellow June classmates, it was an honor and privilege to learn about modeling with you... answering each other's questions and encouraging the other when we got down... it was wonderful and I will never forget it!  Huggles and kissys to all of you!  <3

A tribute to the June class with a class picture:

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  1. wow Sassy we made it phew lots of hard work and pooffff like magic our journey begins woooot